iTunes is the new Windows

11 05 2007

Just so you don’t think this is a compliment… to me Windows is a necessary evil. I dislike it for so many reasons. I don’t have the time to state them all. I tolerate it because it’s at work and all of our clients have it. They have just too much penetration to completely avoid. I think this is the main reason why they are so marginal. Whatever they produce people will buy. I’m just glad Linux and Mac are slowly eroding their strangle hold on operating systems. My laptop belongs to work. My crappy desktop won’t do Linux. When I buy my next set it’ll be a Powerbook and a Linux desktop.

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del.ici.ous mirror

6 05 2007

Future home and present babel about what may become a WordPress plugin.

Almosts and Inspirations…
Delicious Cached++
Del.ici.ous API

Possible Symbiotics…
Ultimate Tag Warrior 3
Huddled Masses » Ubernyms
SimpleTags – A WordPress Plugin for generating Technorati Tags
Simple Tagging

$1 PayPal Donation Per Question or Download

12 03 2007

Update – Please see $1 for Good for more info.

After surfing through scores of silly questions, on multiple forums, message boards and help sites, I have decided that there needs to be a new standard in free help.

Not so free help!
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K2 Custom Meta Widget

12 03 2007

I have this nifty site map plugin from Dagon Design, but no where to put it. I had previously set up the Widgets plugin and had the Meta widget hanging out there just aching for another item, my sitemap link. I couldn’t find the correct file to edit, in fact I found the wrong one, and edited that code to no avail. Luckily I was able to use that code for a cut and paste quickey to get things going in a php widget. Anyway, I did a WordPress support search and came up with this post asking the same sort of question. Here is what is did described and posted to the support topic. Read the rest of this entry »

WordPress Quicktags Anchor Tag Button

12 03 2007

Anchor ButtonsI have an article on my Mailing List How To site that was getting a bit long. I decided to take some of the sub headings and make a pseudo table of content. This led to the need for some anchor tags. You know what I mean… These type of links are prevalent on FAQ pages. List of linked Q’s at the top of a page that take you to the Q&A way down the page. In order not to leave you stranded mid Q&A, they provide a link back to the top. This is what I wanted.

I could type all of those links and name tags, but that is tedious, and well that is what WordPress is for, facilitation of ease, lest our time, full of code bleeds over into the rest of our lives… ooops! Anyway I fixed up my quicktags.js file to help me out. Read the rest of this entry »

Comcast has an amazing deal right now on Internet service!

6 03 2007

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Brazil: Day One

26 09 2006

We made it to Brazil. I’m sitting in my hotel in Sao Paulo. The flight was not too painful. Mike taught me in the ways of international travel. Summarized: Stake Claim, Be Rude! We both picked open seating rows of 3 seats and reserved the aisle seat. When we go to our row we sat in the middle and hoped that no one else had taken seats on our row. We were both able to get free rows, so when the plane took off, the armrests came up and we both “stretched” out in 3 seats. Mike obviously had better drugs because he slept almost the whole time. Next time: get an Ambian prescription! Our hour drive to the hotel was alive with traffic and new types of cars. The graffiti here is pretty cool and I tried to get so me good shots but didn’t get any good ones. The craziest things are the motorcyclists. On the 5 lane freeway there were 4 extra lanes (on the lane lines) taken by 50 cc motorbikes and their insane drivers. At least they all had helmets!

The flight was fine from Salt Lake to Dallas Fort Worth. Mike got me upgraded to first class, a first for me. We spent 3 hours being deafened by overly load music, imposed upon by lame airport “news”, and defending the only outlet for 6 city blocks. All in all, a good time. From DFW to Sao Paulo the opportunity to lay down was priceless, but still it was a long flight. 2 meals, 4 drink services, a movie, and way too many episodes of “The King of Queens” (predictable, trite, and absurd even with no sound). I slept for about 5 of the 9 hours, so I can’t complain too much.

In about an hour we’ll head down to the lobby and catch another taxi ride to the airport for our flight to Brasilia. I’m hoping to catch some shots of the graffiti. We’ll see!

Here are some video clips of Sao Paulo that I shot. Read the rest of this entry »