K2 Custom Meta Widget

12 03 2007

I have this nifty site map plugin from Dagon Design, but no where to put it. I had previously set up the Widgets plugin and had the Meta widget hanging out there just aching for another item, my sitemap link. I couldn’t find the correct file to edit, in fact I found the wrong one, and edited that code to no avail. Luckily I was able to use that code for a cut and paste quickey to get things going in a php widget. Anyway, I did a WordPress support search and came up with this post asking the same sort of question. Here is what is did described and posted to the support topic.

Now here’s how I did it in detail for dummies like me…

I have K2 (http://getk2.com/), a widget compliant theme.
I have installed the plugin Sidebar Widgets (http://svn.wp-plugins.org/widgets/trunk).
I also installed Executable PHP widget (http://ottodestruct.com).

At “Admin>>Presentation>>Sidebar Widgets” I scrolled down and added a “PHP Code Widget”. I drug this new button thingy (I guess a widget?) to the sidebar. Clicked the menu bar on the right end of that widget, and in the code box entered my meta code.


  • “>Site Map
  • ” title=””>
  • ” title=””>
  • “>WordPress
  • []

    This code (remove the “[]” around the “‘s” of the “ul” and “/ul” tags) I stole from my K2 theme in the [k2 root]/app/moddules/meta.php.





    One response

    14 10 2009
    Tech Plus Solutions

    can the meta date for Google be inserted for this to get crawed by Google?
    Mark Aydelotte
    Tech Plus Solutions

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