Wanna Vote? Say goodbye to privacy!

19 09 2006

I hate junk mail! To me junk mail is any commercial mail I did not request. I don’t want polls, offers, PSA’s, and don’t even get me started with credit card offers, mortgage companies, and ads.

Today I received a mailer from Discovery Gateway. I’m sure I voted to fund them in 2002, and walked by the other day at the Gateway. It sounds like a great organization, and looked fun, but I still don’t want their mass mailings.

This mailing was especially disturbing because it not only had the address of the place where I rent, but also my PO Box. I don’t give my physical address out to anyone. Eventually I’m going to move and don’t want all my junk coming to my roommate for years to come. I also am very cautious about who gets my PO Box. The whole purpose of the box was to control who gets my info. Foiled again! When the mailer arrived with both addresses in the “To:” field, I was very disturbed.

I called Discovery Gateway and left a message. I was called back almost immediately and given the scary news that the list they used was purchased from the State. Thanks to Jen and DG for being open and helping me sort this out!! Apparently for $1000 you can by the State Voter Information list. Is nothing sacred? This is like when I bought first my house and the first piece of mail I received had the amount of my loan in it. Oh yeah, that information is publicly available too!

Welcome to Utah. Your right to vote is prostituted! I have a call in to get my name removed and to complain. Stay tuned to see if my right to vote will be held hostage by the state government’s greed…

Update 9/26/06: No word back from my friends at the State. I’m in Brazil now and will need to wait until I get back to figure this all out.




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