$1 PayPal Donation Per Question or Download

12 03 2007

Update – Please see $1 for Good for more info.

After surfing through scores of silly questions, on multiple forums, message boards and help sites, I have decided that there needs to be a new standard in free help.

Not so free help!

I have also been benefiting from all of the great work done in and around the WordPress blogging platform and that whole community. All of the coding, widgets made, themes designed, plugins created, it all takes time, and time is money! So…

From here on out (and maybe some back payments too) I will donate $1 for the following services:

  • Question asked on forum, bulletin board, through chat, or via email.
  • Software package, theme, plugin, or widget downloaded, installed, found useful/functioning and kept.
  • Copied code or use of fix found.

$1 for good.

Everybody start paying up, not to me, but for all of the great info out there, pony up and pay what is due. It’s only a dollar. You can afford a dollar. I expect to receive the same for any useful bits I submit. I wholly expect that this will catch on like wildfire and eventually lead to world peace. If it doesn’t, I’m raising my limit.

For those of you who found this link after receiving, what may have seemed like a paltry donation, now you know why. I’m taking a stand for the good. Have you?

If, after receiving an influx of $1 donations you Google the source of all your untold new wealth, and find this here post I expect you to use my “$1 for good” donation box.




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