Flat Miles

18 05 2006

Holladay to 9th EastErika and I rode this morning for a nice flat noodler. We wanted to get some miles in without taxing the legs too much with the Salt Lake Century coming up on Saturday. She was coming down from up by the Smiths between the mouths of the Cottonwood Canyons, so we met at the Cotton Bottom sometime around 6:30 AM. We rode down 6200 S / Vine and headed south on 9th East. We finally hit some construction and bailed west and looped back to the next north east route to backtrack on 9th etc. Erika rode with me all the way back. We even decided to eat at Blue Plate. Mmmm! Sausage Biscuits and Gravy. 34.5 Miles!

Gmaps Pedometer is choking on the link to my “long” route. I wonder what the deal is! In the mean time I followed a link that will let you dump the data to a GPX file format. I guess that is the standard GPS software format. Let me know if you have one and can read this file.

Holladay Blvd to Cotton Bottom




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