South Moutain Punishment

14 05 2006

South Mountain ClimbWe were originally going to start at 7:00 AM, but some wanted to go earlier, so we obliged… sort of. The 6:00 AM meeting at Lindsay’s went ok with only one tardy rider, but we were on the road by 6:30. We were to pick up 3 more en route, and after miscommunication with Mike, a slow down pseudo wreck, and tire gutting, Shawn finally road to get us. We met got out to Rob by somewhere near 7:00 AM so much for an earlier departure.

We road the usual 20th E, Holladay Blvd., Old Mill route then headed south on Wasatch passed La Caille and up over into Hidden Valley. Troy bid us farewell while we continued on Wasatch down into Draper via 17th E and finally rode out 13th E to the base of South Mountain. We took Highland Drive passed Mike Wier Drive. Yes he has a road, but so do MLKjr, Ceaser Chavez, and Rosa Park, and oddly enough, so does Wayne.

We finally got to Traverse Mountain and started the punishment. How I got talked into this one on my 4th ride of the season I’ll never know, but I got cooked early and suffered long. Yes I was using the triple from the get go. Shawn and Rob, due to our late departure headed off the top with a vengeance to get to soccer. We took a more leisurely pace (read: we waited a lot for Clark). Off the top we opted for the Mike Wier route and back out through marvelous downtown Draper. We took Dimple Dell back up to Wasatch and 94th and did the Danish Rd, 23rd E, 62nd S, to Holladay where we reversed from the Cotton Bottom home.

54 Miles, 4 Hours, Mike, Shawn, Rob, Dave, Lindsay, Troy, Jim, Clark




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