8 05 2006

TreoAlarmBack some time ago I had this great application for my Treo 600. It would wake me up and then tell me what to expect weather wise for the day. It was great! I guess the trial period expired and I must have deleted it. What is that old adage? “You never know what you had, until it is gone!”

I had planned to ride with some friends this moning, but that was dependant on the rain. Before I went to bed the hourly forecast called for rain in the morning. So when the alarm went off at 6:00 am, that was the big questoin in my mind. Do I need to get out of bed or not? Is it rainy? Well, it was clear and beautiful and we had a great ride. The moral of the story is get an application that will tell you the forecast when you wake up!

When I got home from the ride I set out to find my old application. Google and MyTreo got me there. The magic app is TreoAlarm by Software Trenches. Check it out. It is my new favoirte application!




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