25 04 2006

I’m posting this on my website so that those who I have invited can get to it easily. Don’t take this as an open invitation on my trip if you just happened to find, my page, or have not been specifically invited. I am slowly rolling this out to my river peeps in an order that only my brain can describe so don’t be offended if you didn’t get the call up! Limited space, extreme conditions, and parasitic kayakers! Need I say more?

Hello Folks!

I’ve been calling up to Idaho to try and get a cancelled permit for the Selway, Main, or Middle. Friday I got lucky and called right after a cancellation on the Selway. I have a May 19th launch date for the Selway for 16. You are invited! On the hydrograph that I saw, May 19th is pretty much exactly peak run-off time. Who knows what this year will bring. From what I hear the Selway at 5 ft (Put in gauge at Paradise not at Lowell) is a serious challenge. I don’t think that this is going to be “fun” trip. In May the water will be near freezing, nights will freeze, and there is a high likelihood that if there is weather that it will snow. Only those who are sick in the head will want to go. For this reason I am sending you an invitation!

We would need to depart SLC early on May 18th, drive all day and arrive that night at the put in. The length of the trip depends on the flow, how long we want to be on the river each day, and/or if we want to get on the Lochsa afterwards. I would image that 3 to 4 days on the Selway (5/19 – 5/21 or 5/22) plus a travel day (5/22 or 5/23) would be the minimum time needed for this trip. I anticipate leaving first thing 5/18 and returning 5/22 or 5/23 late that night.

My dream would be to have 3 rafts, 9 kayakers and 3 oars(wo)men. At that level I would not be comfortable with only 1 raft. 4 bodies to a 16” raft seems to be a good figure. I would not be comfortable with my rowing skills to man raft.

I have reserved 16’ NRS self bailer from the U of U ORP. The “drop-dead-start-loosing-money” date is May 10th, so that will be the “give-Clark-a-check-for-my-spot-on-the-trip” day also.

Anyone who brings to the group a dedicated oars(wo)man is in! If that oars(wo)man has Selway experience you can bring a buddy!

Currently the flow at Lowell is 8060 cfs (loosely translated to Paradise = almost 3’) and the snow pack is at 110% as of April 1st. We will have to see how things look on the 10th and make a decision then if we are going to go ahead with the trip. It will be somewhat up in the air until then, but I think that we should plan as if we are for sure going.,1,1,1,1,1

Get back to me as soon as you know what your schedule is!





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