!SOLD 1987 Toyota Camry SOLD!

15 04 2006


1987 Toyota Camry LE
VIN: JT2SV22E4H3124466
Engine: 2.0L – 4 Cylinder – Gasoline
Transmission: Automatic
Body: Silver, 4 Door
Miles: 158,XXX
Price: $1300

Features: Front wheel drive, A/C (cold), Cruise Control, power doors, windows (w/ child lock) and side mirrors, trunk access from back seat on both sides.

Interior: CLEAN! Never smoked in. I just had the interior detailed. Gray cloth, 3 way adjustable seats, head rests, rear arm rest, dual side trunk access, drink holder, dual storage in console, large glove compartment, in front doors storage bins, 4 floor mats.

Overall Condition: This car is in great condition. I have listed any and all negatives in the description below. I’m being overly harsh down there to make sure you get a good deal and provide full disclosure. I am the second owner. The previous owner was w meticulous older gentleman in our neighborhood he babied this car. He was very proud of the way he treated it. I have put on 20k miles in about 5 years. I only use it for errands and trips. It has done great for both. I have 3 cars now and need to sell this now.

Price: I am asking $1300. The NADA average book is $1570. I figure the low miles and great condition offset the need for a new stereo, shocks and minor body issues. I’m lowering the price a bit to compensate for the need for a new stereo. I just put $600 into it so can’t go any lower. Do not contact me and ask my lowest price. If you come and test drive it you will see that $1300 is a steal!

New: Battery, Starter, Front tires. I just had the oil changed and got it Safety and Emissions inspected last month.

Needs: A new stereo. Will probably need shocks soon.


(No Stereo – If you like to rock you are out of luck. It needs a new stereo. Mine got jacked a year ago or more. Since I don’t drive much it hasn’t been a problem. The price I’m asking is reduced accordingly.

Body damage – Overall the body is in good shape for a 19 year old car. It is starting to show its age and has a few dings, chips, and scrapes.

  • The paint on the plastic bumpers is peeling off in places.
  • The front under bumper ferring has ha a few run ins with the parking lot stops.
  • There is a bit of rust starting at some of the bottoms of the wheel wells.
  • The rear panel door ding stoppers (what do you really call these?) are rusting away.
  • There is a bit of rust starting to bubble on the front passenger fender.
  • The drivers door handle is showing a bit of rust on the edge.
  • Bumper corners have a few scrapes.
  • I had a rack on the top for years and must have overloaded it at one point as there is a “ka-thunk” under one of the rack pads that has cracked the paint and started to rust.


  • The trunk leaks somewhere. Not a lot but it seems to be on the passenger side and if you pack rat in the trunk you may get some water damage.
  • The front window controls don’t work for the back drivers side window. The window can be operated from the back seat.
  • Missing some interior trim. I meant to put it back on but in a couple moves it got lost.
  • Missing cigarette lighter. I pulled it years ago for charging but now it’s gone.


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