Bulk Post Import: Excel to Word Press

11 02 2006

I’m a hack. And that is being generous. I do know my way around Excel, so it tends to be my tool of choice. Luckily I saw a way to do some mass importing from an old dead database backup “.sql” file into my new shiney WordPress blog. No not this blog. I have a few WordPress installations:

  • www.clarkburbidge.com – This very one, and my personal sandbox.
  • www.slclunch.com – A group page for a lunch group I organize and most recently bulk updated with the help of my Excel sheet.
  • www.wvofuels.com – A more recently neglected hobby becuase of my recent binge of WordPressing and it’s cold outside! Yes, you can make diesel out of trash vegetable oil, I’m doing it!
  • www.greencabal.com – One of the main causes of the neglect and WordPressing. An environmantal discussion group that I attend and decided needed a webiste.

There are more, even less interesting ones, but I digress…

The Excel sheet that assists in writing the sql commands to bulk import posts was helped in part by info on the WordPress Support forum and from the speedy post replier Kafkaesqui. Kudos!

I just cut and pasted the list of cells into my MySQL interface, first the wp_posts table from tab of the same name, and then ditto for wp_post2cat. What I’d like to know now is, “How can I get these same imported posts in to multiple categories?”

I made two versions: one for Excel and one for OpenOfficeCalc. Did I mention that I am a hack. Caveat Emptor. No implied goodness! May destroy your database, SO BACK IT UP FIRST! Have a nice day…




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