Apparently I’m an Idiot

9 02 2006

I’ve been working on the upgrade of, and found what looked to be a nice plugin. The plugin allows some connection and feedback from a reviews page called InsidePages. I was excited about giving it a try, but the download, the one that I had to jump through all sorts of register and licensing hoops to get, didn’t “un-tar”. I tried a few of the free or shareware clients for “un-tar-ing” on Windows, including the suggested Winzip, but no luck. Obviously I started in linux, and wouldn’t have even messed with Windows for a “tar.gz” file. No luck! All clients and the linux server agree, “Bad file!” So I sent a message to the customer service agent. It went like this:

The WordPress file is not recognized by the suggested Zip client. It
won’t tar from a linux shell either!

What did I get back?

Hi Clark,

It seems that you are having a problem decompressing the compressed
wordpress plug-in file. Please use Winzip, that should unzip it. If
not, use Winrar. If you need anything else, please do not hesitate to
contact us again.



Customer Service Coordinator
Insider Pages

There was no hesitation in reply! Why? Because, apparently I’m an idiot. Hello! READ MY EMAIL!

I downloaded the file twice: once with Firefox and once with IE. Here are some shots of my attempts to “decompress[ing] the compressed wordpress plug-in file” .

I started with the correct tool in th first place!
Linux Shell



Winrar’s attempt to fix the file?
Winrar Uncorrupt 1

Winrar’s fix won’t work on this file. Wonder why?
Winrar Fix Didn't Work

Just to be sure!

Now, I’m no uber geek. I don’t talk the talk or walk the walk, but I’m no idiot to be dismissed because “It seems that you are having a problem decompressing the compressed
wordpress plug-in file.” I’m pretty sure the problem is not on my end!




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