Unfortunate Number

24 01 2006

What do you do when “The Cash Store” has a phone number that is one number different than yours? Back in 2000 or something when the guy at the AT&T store asked me if 244-4424 was ok for a number I was stoked! How simple. How pure! Just 2’s and 4’s. How easy is that? My number was destined for greatness. Not to mention that there are so many great lines drawn from my number…

There is the…

“two four, three fours, two four”

and the standard…

“two-four-four, four-four, two-four”

and my personal favorite…

“twenty-four at the beginning, twenty-four at the end, and four a good time in the middle”

But all of that goodness is starting to wain, with the recent increase of calls that go something like this…

[my ring]... [my ring again]...
"This is Clark"
[awkward pause, accented by mouth breathing]... "Is this the cash store?" (said using mouth breathing voice)
"No, actually the Cash Store has a phone number that is one digit different than mine. They are at 224-4424, this is 244-4424."
[more pause, more mouth breathing]... "Oh!" (insert any monosyllabic exclamation, "oh" may be generous)
"It happens all the time. Have a nice day!"

So, what am I to do? I’m not giving up my number. Certainly not after what the FCC did to get Local Number Portability wrested from the hands of the telcos. I have history with this number, and the “4 a good time line.” The Cash Store isn’t going away despite the misleading business name. The best I’ve come up with is blogging about it. There, now I feel better.




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