Congress is stealing your TV!

17 10 2005

An AP article released Friday alerts Americans of a proposed deadline for the “All Digital” switch for the nations television broadcasts. The deadline that Congress is shooting for is Jan 2009. This will free up broadcast frequencies for needed public safety and provide an estimated 10 billion dollars revenue in auctioned spectrum. The article talks about the upside of this move by our nation’s politicians, but never mentions the downside. So despite my slightly smaller audience, I will help out AP with some of the negatives.

1. You must own a digital TV by 2009. Not a biggie for most, but the Burbidges had their 1985 Zenith until 2004, so we have 18 years on our latest purchase: not digital.

2. Since the broadcasts will be all digital, and we have the Digital Milenial Copyright Act (DCMA), the owners of the digital broadcast will control how you use that broadcast. This may not seem like a biggie, but it is HUGE. Kiss your TiVo goodbye. No more recording and skipping ads, or time shifting in anyway unless it conforms to the way “they” want it. If you didn’t get what I just said, or it didn’t make you worried, then start doing some research.




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