Not Boring

11 10 2005

So… Recently, a few, have complained that I have a boring blog.

Um… yeah.

So anyway, I decided that I should write about a word that I can’t quite get enough of. I, myself, don’t use this word but I love the image that it brings to mind. The word…


Rhymes with beta (the Greek letter, you know, alpha, beta, etc.)

Now, all of the explanation for this new word is second hand as I am only a second hand observer. As I understand, this is a climbers word. A little background will help those of you like me, who only get a third of what climbers say. I had three of them as roommates at one time. I wondered, when the got together and talked shop, if I was hearing English. They would get together and the words would not mean the same thing that they usually meant. The words were all familiar but the order/meanings were all over the place. (Any climbers who may have the good/mis fortune of reading this, feel free to give us a good example!) Anyway, I’m pretty sure I get this one.

Background: Beta
The term comes out of a group of industry centric climbers so it may not be demographic wide. I’ve heard the term “beta” used as a description of information about a subject. For instance, “What’s the beta on that route?”, meaning, “Tell me about that route.” As I understand, in the climbing world, beta is information. I think it has spread to mountain culture in general, as I have heard it used for kayaking or other sports. A request for beta is asking for all that that person knows about a topic. Now, on to our word.

An adaptation of beta where the giver of information is incessant, where the information never stops or is only somewhat relevant. The giver of beta goes on and on(somewhat like this post), self promoting, aggrandizing, dropping names and/or accomplishments, as if the information is being “sprayed”. That is where we get to “spreta”.

Unfortunately spreta is a negative term to describe and annoying response to a request for info. A regular “spreer” (I think I made that up – though pronounced spray-er) need only be asked once by any one individual, then, is not asked for info again, unless the individual is a glutton for verbal punishment, or is very forgetful. Having met idividuals outside the climbing community with similar “spreing” (spray-ing) abilities I can only assume that the very worst spreta is unsolicited spreta, oritory SPAM.

Think about it. You know someone in your life that deals in SPRETA. Enough spreta from me!




One response

13 10 2005

An improvement, Clark (from one of the complainers).

I worry that, when it comes to some topics of pop music, I might be a Spreader of Spreta. Ouch.

Another new hybrid word that the jury is still out on:


Figure it out.

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