Route Posibilities: Maps and Distances

29 07 2005

Here are some maps (offsite links) of these routes. The maps are zoomable and can be scrolled to a new location.

Zoo to Little Dell => 9 miles – 4800 ft through 6227 ft (3% grade) to 6000 ft (3.4% grade)
Little Dell to Hennefer Turn off => 17 miles – 6000 ft through 7420 ft to 5760 ft
Hennefer Turn Off to Wanship => 27 miles
Wanship to Wolf Creek Pass => 38 miles
Wolf Creek Pass to Kamas => 22 miles
Kamas to Little Dell => 33 miles
(Offsite link to a Google Maps hack that allows you to trace routes and calculate distance.)

If we do this whole loop that is about 155 miles. If we go to Kamas and the retrace our route home, the mileage is 136. The down side is Hennefer to Big Mountain after 100 miles… 😦




One response

29 07 2005

I’ve done this route before…I suggest that rather than going all the way into Kamas, take Browns Canyon back after you pass Wanship and then thru Park City and then up and over Parley’s back home.

Browns is a good canyon with little traffic. The road surface is not in prime condition, but it’s better than the havily traffic-ed main road in and our of Kamas. maybe even a little more climbing than if you take the main route thru Kamas. Then if you still need more miles, then go home back up and over Little Mountain and down Emo.

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