My First Crit

26 07 2005

On Tuesday nights there is a Criterium race at the Rocky Mountain Raceway. Instead of funny cars ans dragsters, its funny shorts and cyclists. The race series is put on by Canyon Bicycles (time to hire a web designer!!) and the info is found at the Utah Cycling Association page.

This was my first time racing, so I was lost the the whole time. There isn’t any orientation so I was just hoping I didn’t get in anyone’s way. Once the race started, it was pretty strait forward: pedal fast and don’t crash. Two folks in front of me on the back of the first lap, didn’t have that last point figured out, so in the mele, I lost the pack. I doubt I would have been able to hang, but who knows. There were 3 of us who got together and finished. We only got lapped on the second to last lap. The format is 35 minutes of riding, then 3 laps. I would have like to have gotten a feel for the pack, but after the crash I was just fine with lots of elbow room. All in all it was a good time. I’ll do it again just to have a reason to ride fast. The best thing about my experience was that I had never ridden that fast for that long, and I need speed work. At our usual pace the Lotoja will take way too long.

The ride stats:

Time: 54 mins
Distance: 19.5 miles
Average Speed: 22.9 MPH

Here is my Polar HRM output:

HRM Plot




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