23 07 2005

Shawn and Rob had plans to meet their families at Hagerman’s Bakery at noon. We got off to an early start to beat the heat and to make our noon lunch date. We had overcast skies all the way up and back from Ogden and only had to fight the sun and headwinds as we headed south out of SLC to Draper. Here are the legs of the journey. Anna, Jenny and I finished off by riding home: a third leg.
The first leg to O town. 51.8
Second Leg to Hagerman’s. 47.5 miles.
The last leg after Hagermans’s.20.2
Total = 119.5… oh well!?

(Offsite map links to www.sueandpaul.com a Google Maps hack that allows you to trace routes and calculate distance.)

The ride stats:

Time: 8 hrs 15 mins
Distance: 117 miles
Average Speed: 16.7 MPH

Here is my Polar HRM output:

HRM Plot

Note: You may note the mirror of the altitude curve around the mile 40-ish mark that was the to and from Odgen part.




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