A page from the book of Dave!

9 03 2005

My roommate Dave (to steal from his lexicon) is “the cats”. I think that’s short for “Cat’s Pajamas”. I don’t know, it just works. “Hey bud, could you get a bit more sarcastic?” Today I was fortunate enough to be favored with a collection of Dave-isms that just needed to be recorded.

First off, collectively Dave and I remembered his classic-cartoon reference to one of our other roommates, Mike, who is sporting a serious salad these days. Mike is starting to look like Jim Morrison. It’s not a bad look, but we can’t actually compliment him. That would be out of character. So to be in character, Dave called him Lion-O. Yeah, remember the Thundercats!

Next, Dave and I were talking about a minor situation that I have coming up this weekend. He said this. “Hey bud, no mater what I do, to someone, I’m a jerk. I did my best to handle the situation, but obviously I didn’t. So what do you want from me? I did my best! Sorry! I can’t please everyone.”

Today at lunch we were talking about a group who went last weekend to go country dancing. C was saying how fun it was, and I was saying that we should do it again. E piped up and said, “Yeah, you wont catch me there.” I was not shocked but I wanted to know exactly. So I asked E, “Why not?” His response was this: “I’m going to take a page from the book of Dave. When Dave was at a wedding and asked to dance, he refused. When he was asked why, Dave said, ‘I don’t do anything that doesn’t make me look cool!’ ”

Dave was sitting around one night and asked us, very seriously, what we think of all day. Dave doesn’t have a job, so he has a lot of free time. These were his 3 things. horsepower, hot chicks, and hard rock!

Classic Dave!




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9 03 2005

Dave is the man.

Thundercats HO!!!!

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