Audacity for MP3 Editing

27 12 2004

Despite my promise to go into detail about my methods for getting music onto my iPod, I’m going to jump ahead a bit and talk about my .mp3 format editor of choice, Audacity. Why should you use Audacity? Well for starters it’s free. In fact I’d recommend never buying another software package, ever. You can pretty much be certain that there is something that you can use that has been programmed for free. If you want to throw your money away, throw it at the developers of these products! I always start at Source Forge! This is where you can find Audacity.

So what would I use an .mp3 editor for? Here are some examples: There is that 17 minute song at the end of your favorite CD that has two actual tracks and 10 minutes of dead air stuffed permanently in between. I hate that! Did I just turn off my iPod? Oh… yeah, THAT song… skip! That trick groove where the artist displays an incredible incite into his lack morality by being disgusting. Listne to intro… skip! You wanna be a DJ but have no vinyl. Watch Groove over and over! You think a movie quote would fit nicely right before that chorus. Etc! Etc! Cut out the dead space and make 2 songs. Edit out that potty mouth. Mix to your hearts content. Insert, cut, and paste to your hearts content.

I’m no Audacity guru, but I have done some editing and found it fairly self explanatory. Download it. Check it out. Let me know what you think!




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