Roommate Needed

11 12 2004

Come January 1st I’m going to be needing a roommate. The spot is a single room in a 4 bedroom house in Salt Lake. The exact location is Sugarhouse, or what I like to call “West Country Club”. The room is in a recently redone basement and shares a new bathroom. The house is furnished, but most of the stuff is donated, and could be switched out with your stuff, if it is nicer. We have A/C, washer/dryer, double garage, yard, ample parking, nice safe neighborhood, bouldering wall, biodiesel processor, cable, broadband Internet network, and plenty of AV equipment. We do not have phone service or a dishwasher.

The house and neighborhood are nice and since I own the place, I am concerned about keeping the house in good condition, the yard respectable, and the intrusions on the neighbors to a minimum. The roommates are all RM’s and attend church, though are not over the top PP’s. It is important that the house be a place where everyone is comfortable.

    We are looking for a roommate who:


    • has a strict moral code that is adhered to
    • has respect for other roommates and their stuff
    • has respect for the house and neighbors

    • is in his late twenties to early thirties
    • is a grad student or professional
    • is passionate about something
    • is interested and able to be social and date

Rent is $350 a month plus utilities. Utilities average about $50/roommate/month. I hope to find someone who adds to the “whole” of the house. There is a good thing going here and I’d like to keep it that way. In order to keep it that way I expect you to be hyper critical in your judgment of whether you think you will fit in the situation, with the roommates, and in the house. You can expect that I will be that way when evaluating whether I think you will work. I don’t want to be negative, but think that a roommate can be a big drag, OR huge boost to the house, and those who live there. I am looking for the later.

Leave a comment if you are interested or know someone who is. To comment you must include and email address, which is not published in your comment but that I can see as the admin. I will not spam you, sell your address, etc., but will get back to you about the house.




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