WordPress Links Improvement

3 12 2004

Thank you WP and all involved! I’m a WP convert. I am also a noob hack at best, but I’m trying! Here and here.

I’m not completely pleased with the WP Links. Or more likely, I don’t fully understand how to use them. I want to include into my site a list of links that relate to my site. I want there to be an easy way to manage the links (import, export, sort, etc.) and a nice way to display the links (unlimited depth folders, tree view, etc.). I want all this to fit into the “shell” of WP, but doesn’t need to be accessed from the WP admin interface. If the link page has a back end, a public access view, and can have the same look as my WP site (WP header, menus, footers, etc.), then I’m happy. Any ideas, good solutions, etc?

I have figured out a way to get Ol’bookmarks to basically do what I want. I have logged the process here. I also looked at Booby, APB Bookmarks, bookmark4u, and Easy Bookmarker. I was able to install ol’bookmarks, Booby and bookmarks4u without any hassle. APB Bookmarks and Easy Bookmarker didn’t install easily for me. So I moved on. I will keep Booby because of it’s other tools. I wish Easy Bookmarker had worked and I may keep working on that one when I have some time because it’s view features on their demo were the best I’ve seen.

What I did:
I have a shell access to a friend’s server where he hosts my pages. Mike will one day rule the world so start kissing up now! His server has this good stuff installed. PHP, MySQL, and Apache come standard for future world dictators.

I have a WordPress 1.2 install that is up and running. I split the main index.php into 6 files. Header, tabs, content, menu, left, and footer. Index now ‘includes” all of those files and I can stick the “includes” where I wish to make other pages and aps look like my WP. Thanks to those in the WP support forum who gave the instructions and code for that idea.

I installed ol’boookmarks as instructed. I putz’d around for a while trying to understand how it worked and where to insert my header includes. I had to reload a couple of files that I irreparably harmed, but got it to sort of look like the rest of my site. The tree structure was gone and there was little hope for help so I gave up, because it looks like a dead project. I then tried all the rest that I mentioned above, but had less success on installs and wrapping. So I went back to ol’bookmarks, and finally got it to work.

The ol’bookmark mods are as follows (certainly not inclusive, and with no possible or conceivable thought or notion of any culpability on my part, should you follow these instruction. In fact, if you do, you deserve the pain you get. BACKUP, PRAY, DO GOOD DEEDS, and CROSS YOUR FINGERS!)

  • Copy your wp-style.css to the ol’bookmarks/themes/default.css (or the theme you choose).
  • Insert your header include “” at the top of the file ol’bookmarks/read/index.php (maybe a title to the page also?)
  • I commented out the “session_start();” line in ol’bookmarks/read/index.php. Otherwize I got an error.
  • Edit file ol’bookmarks/lib/ libthemes.php. I didn’t like the table header bar so I nuked everything in the first “Menu Bar” between the “” and “” comments except the lines that are the responsible for the “main”, “recent”, and “search” links. (Three lines bunched together that all look amazingly similar.)
  • It is necessary and good karma to re-include a link to ol’bookmarks that was in the table header that I removed. I still need to do that. 😦
  • That should be it. Good luck!



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