BCC for Privacy!

10 11 2004

I found this interesting page using Google when searching for guides on how to appropriately use email. The source is link is http://www.cs.rutgers.edu/~watrous/bcc-for-privacy.html. Instead of sending you there, and stealing their bandwidth, I copied it here. Please visit this site and read up! I hope you find it as interesteing and usefull as I did.

3/30/05 – At the request of the orriginal author I have removed the copied content. I have edited the post accordingly. Please visit the linked website and read the article (it is well worth reading and thinking about) and follow the links provided for more information.




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14 01 2005
My Life Pixelated » Once more for BCC

[…] orkers, use “BCC:”. Thank you and happy interneting! FMI: Check out my last WWWPSA: BCC for Privacy! Posted: 1/14/2005 in: Technology S […]

19 03 2005
donald watrous

“Instead of sending you there, and stealing their
bandwidth, I copied it here.” That’s an interesting
justification for stealing original content. Please
remove the unauthorized copy of my page. You may
link to the original if you like. I have no problem
with people reading the page from *my* site.

30 03 2005

An email I sent to DW.

Mr. Watrous,

I have removed the article as you have requested. I had honestly thought I was doing a good thing by pasting as opposed to linking, as I have seen image hosters complain about bandwith theft. Now that I think about it, I see that this is a different application. I had not considered the copyright issue, or that you might not have wanted me to post your article. I apologize for my theft, and have directed further readers to your site. In the future when I want to post content I will check with the author on how they would want their content referenced.


Clark Burbidge

31 03 2005
donald watrous


Thanks for removing the copy of my web page.

Incorporating images from another site into your web page does amount
to bandwidth theft (of course, this is all my opinion as I am not a
lawyer) but then copying them to your site would also be potential
theft of (implicitly) copyrighted material if you don’t have their

If you’re worried about my stuff disappearing on you, it’s not likely
soon, and I’ve been on the net since before the WWW. But in the
unlikely event my stuff is off the web, you can still dig up a copy at
the Wayback Machine, archive.org.

Thanks again,

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