Have WVO – Will buy your Diesel

5 11 2004

So, I’m back on the biodiesel prowl. I saw a film at the most recent (’04) Banff Film Fest about Grassoline and the guy from CO who is making fuel for his International Harvester from used vegetable oil (WVO). I started researching the process online, but then being without a diesel, found a different temporary passion and moved onto different pursuits. Recently a friend of a friend did a demo, that I was invited to, where he showed off his WVO processor. Now, I’ve been looking for a diesel, researching the process online, trying to find used processor parts, and I even joined the Utah Biodiesel Coop. My radar has been realigned and my passion is rekindled, hopefully for the long haul.

So where do you find a diesel? There are trucks a plenty here in Utah. But I don’t want to drive a giant around town, and they cost so much. So… I’m looking for a late model sedan or wagon. One way I found to locate diesels was on Craigslist. They are a free online classifieds and events web page. They have a “list” for most of the large cites, but to search every city got to be a bit of a drag. Luckily they have a RSS generator for all of their searches. So I spent some time collecting these RSS feeds and have put them into one OPML file via Bloglines, so now you too can have all the new diesels on Craigslist sent right to your computer.

The OPML file is 48 RSS links that represent searches in each of the “cars+trucks” section of the 48 Craigslist cites’ pages. The searches look for the word “diesel” in the title and body of each ad. If you follow my instructions you can have your desktop alert you of any new submissions that fit the “diesel” search criteria in all of the 48 lists.

Here’s your how to…

  1. Sign up for a Bloglines account. Wait for the email from Bloglines and follow the instructions therein to complete your registration.
  2. Download my OPLM file that has all the Craigslist used car listings that contain the word “diesel” somewhere in the add. The file is called export.xml. You can download the file at http://www.clarkburbidge.com/export.xml. You will want to right click (left click if you’re a south paw šŸ˜‰ – love ya mom!) the link that I’ve provided and choose “save link as”. Remember where you save this file. You’ll need to know later on.
  3. In your Bloglines “My Blogs” page, on the left frame under the “My Feeds” tab, choose “Edit”.
  4. Still in this left frame at the bottom under the “Extras” heading click the “Import Subscriptions” link.
  5. This takes you to the Import Subscriptions page where you can choose a file on your computer to import. Use the browse feature to find the file export.xml that you downloaded. Select it. Click the “Import” button.
  6. You should see a list of 48 cryptic “http://somecity….” RSS links. and a note at the bottom that tells you it may take 2 hours to update these.
  7. Re-click the “MyFeeds” tab. You should now see a folder named “Craigslist Diesels”. You can open that folder with the “+” sign and close it with the “-“.
  8. “Now what?”, you ask. You don’t see any diesels listed? It didn’t work!?! Well, yeah, that ‘s the rub. Remember where it said it may take 2 hours to update. Time to wait. If I were you, I’d play arround with Bloglines, get some other news feeds. Wired Magazine is my favorite. When you get bored of that close this all down and come back in 2 hours (or tomorrow) and finish my instructions then. I’m really sorry for this, but that’s the way it goes. I’ll look into another news feed aggregator to try and avoid this wait. In the mean time go brew biodiesel!
  9. Another thing you could do while you wait is just look through the feeds that I have created on my Bloglines “Craigslist Diesels” blog roll. The blog through Bloglines and corresponding blog roll is found at http://www.bloglines.com/blog/VegiDeisels. Notice that there are no entries for the blog. I created one back in October and haven’t bothered to “clip” any feeds or post and entries since then.
  10. Well, you are back and the feeds have updated themselves. You should see a number listed in bold next to your folder, and when expanded, next to each cities’ feed name. CAUTION: if you click on these you will view the items, BUT if you then go away from this page theses ITEMS WILL BE LOST from your list UNLESS you click the checkbox at the bottom right of the item.
  11. Do you want to be told when there are new items in your blog roll, even when you don’t have this fancy page up or your internet browser open? Bloglines Notifier is the answer. You can install the Bloglines Notifier to open on startup in the system tray. I have installed the notifier to automatically open when I start my computer and love it. I’d recommend this route. To do so download and install the appropriate version of the notifier for your operating system.
  12. Once you’ve completed the install, you’ll want to configure the notifier program. If you have not yet run the notifier program (can you see it in the system tray?) then do so now.
  13. Right click on the system tray icon for the Bloglines Notifier. It looks like a capital “B” on a square white background. Choose “Settings…”. In the widow that comes up adjust the settings to your liking.
  14. In order for this notifier to work you need to make sure that the feeds that you imported are set to be recognized by notifier. Open your Bloglines page. On the left frame under the “My Feeds” tab click edit. Select the feeds you want to be notified about by checking the box next tot he feed. To select the whole folder, check the box next to that folder. Then from the pull down field at either the top or bottom of the list choose “Not Ignored by Notifier”. Then click the “Submit” button.



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