Free iPod?

21 10 2004

Come on! There is no such thing a free lunch, right? Well…

If you use the internet, and haven’t heard about the Free iPod craze, then you must not be paying attention. A “customer acquisition” firm called Gratis Internet is offering free iPods, and other popular items, for trying out new goods and services. Gratis has many “free” sites causing quite a stir on the WWW. Gratis has been featured in Wired magazine and they are rated by Trust-e, so this is no scam. Free iPods, Free Flat Screens, and Free Desktop PCs, seem to be the most popular, with a new addition for the ladies, Free Handbags.

I have been hesitant to put myself out there in public and announce that I have been “scammed”, but here I go…

“Hi. My name is Clark Burbidge, and I’m getting a free iPod.” YES! It is true. Free. Well, I had to complete an offer that let me try out a new 411 directory service from Infone, which was free. I also had to convince 5 others to do the same, but here you have it, my order confirmation clip from a screen shot of my Free iPod account.
Free iPod Order Confirmation
So, if you want free stuff check it out. I have some instructions and incentives on a separate web page. I’m tryin now to get folks to sign up for my Free Flat Screen and Free Desktop PC accounts, so that I can get those for free too. I’m paying $10 a refferal, a Gmail invite, or I’ll trade a refferal (as I have not yet signed up) for Free Handbags. I’ll be sure to include pictures when the iPod arrives!




2 responses

3 11 2004

Hey man, let me know how that turns out with the iPod. I’ll take a free one!



8 12 2004

It’s here!

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