River Teeth – David James Duncan

28 08 2004

David James Duncan has written some of my favorite books (The River Why? and Brothers ďKĒ). No one Iíve read makes me want their fiction to be real like Duncan. I was recently looking for another good book and decided to check out more of his stuff. I checked out my usual web haunts to secure a copy. Amazon had info on his other books, a description that didnít need to do much convincing (considering my love of his other works), and a link to a used copy for far below retail.

River Teeth is a collection of seemingly random stories. There is really no connection to any of the stories, except the mind of Duncan. His subtle emotional tugs and unique humor strings through all the stories. I love the way he puts all of these stories together by calling them all river teeth. They have left a like impression on me. I found myself wondering once again, is this nonfiction. Could this be a collection of authors, and this story, told by a woman about her childhood, be a true story? I hoped, to my benefit and pleasure, Duncan had again fooled me. River Teeth took me on an emotional rollercoaster and I enjoyed every last twist and turn.




One response

22 10 2004

Indeed, River Teeth may be his best. If you haven’t already read it, you’d also enjoy “My Story As Told By Water”. Not fiction, but very good.

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