Time to be a tourist: Piers Island – Wednesday

6 08 2004

Monkey TreeToday we finally decided to do some touring around. We are tourists after all, though our digs belie our dark kneehighs and bellyhigh Madras. We had heard that the Butchards Gardens were a don’t miss! So we all saddled up and headed over.

Just a hop skip and a jump away from Canoe Cove we arrived without incident. I had heard it was spectacular but oh was I in for a surprise. With Disneyland like efficiency we were paid, parked and even led to a closer lot since we had chillin’s. That however was where the similarities to D-ville stopped, well other than the multitude of languages heard and the cameras clicking. I thought, at one time, I actually heard “It’s a Small World After All”, but it was just some guy whistling in the sunken garden. The gardens were amazing! Put that down on your list of things to do before you die. I didn’t get many flower shots. The trees, layout and logistics were a thing of beauty to me as much as the flowers themselves so my pictures certainly don’t do it justice.

After we had become numb with natural awe and wonder, we decided that we had seen enough. We were all famished, so I asked some gardeners working around the yard where we could get some grub. All of them mentioned Just Joey’s next to some Butterfly Gardens at the turn off to Butchards. Fisgard LighthouseApparently they have the best “Eggs Bennies” in town, but Ben said Ruth’s Diner’s are better.

After Lunch we parted ways. The Jacobsens went back to the Sag to get so me rest while the Burbidges went south to drop Dennis off at Olympic View Golf Course and to find the Fisgard Lighthouse. We did a half hearted attempt at finding the OVGC, and made it without any wrong turns, except we never found ourselves on the map. Luckily there were signs at all the critical exits and turns. We found out later that the road we were on was new and not on the map. Dennis got to do some serious practicing, while Rosie and I went to the Lighthouse.

Monkey TreeAfter the lighthouse Rosie and I cruised into Victoria to do some find out about kayaking in the area. We went to Ocean River Sports on Store St, in downtown Victoria. While I was getting the beta, Rosie looked up a yarn store that happened to only be a block away. Two birds…

I had heard about a fun waterfall river hike on the Sooke River that was about 30 kilometers beyond where Dennis was golfing. We had some time before we needed to pick him up so Rosie and I drove out to Sooke. It took a lot longer than expected so I didn’t get to do the whole shebang, but I did run up and take some nice shots of the water. The swimming and waterfalls will have to wait for another trip.

We headed back and got Dennis. We made our way back to Sidney where we picked up some groceries, and then we met Ben at the dock with the Apex for our oceanic transport to the Sag. We put together a quick meal and made our way to bed early after a long fulfilling day!




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