Thursday Adventures Close to Home

6 08 2004

My mornings all seem to be about the same thing: me getting up and eating. I do stay up a bit later than most of the family, especially the grandkids, and well they are the first ones up, so by the time I get down stairs there has usually been a fair amount of activity. This morning’s activity was fixing “Hootnanny Pancakes”. Hootnannies are just a real eggy German Pancake. We’ve had em around the Burbidge house for years. Needless to say they didn’t last long.Dennis, Rosie, and Cameron on Biscoe Beach

The sun was shinning and Dennis and Rosie took Cameron for a walk. The rest of the four of us decided to go for a boat ride around the island. We checked the nautical chart for any sleeper reefs and then headed out. On our way around we saw Biscoe Beach, and guess who was skipping stones? Sure enough, Dennis and Rosie with Cameron. We stopped and waved, and then headed along the way. We also found a house that needed some concrete work too, but after viewing the site we decided to pass on the job. We finished the circumnavigation, and Rosie and Dennis were already back from the beach.

After our respective tours we had some lunch. I took Dennis over to the dock so that he could head over the Cordova Bay Golf Course. He went with a grocery list and a return pickup time. When I returned from dropping of Chichi McBurbidge, the rest of us decided to test out the crab pots and see if there were any pinchers in the big blue. We found some fish parts in the freezer, fixed up the traps, and dropped them off the end of the pier. We came back in and waited for an hour, then went back out and pulled up the pots. There are crabs after all.

After the crabbing festivities died down, Ben talked me into mounting up one of the mountain bikes that are in the shed to show me some of the interior of the island that he had been running. We headed up to the top of Piers Mountain. And down, and over, and back up again, and found some great trails. So good in fact that we were wishing we had our helmets and full suspension bikes. Give us a week and we’d have this place all tracked out and mapped! Good fun on bikes. We came back all sweaty and wishing we hadn’t tried to follow every game trail in our flip flops.

Cooked CrabWhile we were gone we had a bit of a wildlife incident here at the house. Cameron was snacking on some juicy peaches at the table with the door open. One of our bee friends smelled the peach goo and thought he might like some. Unfortunatley Cameron didn’t want to share and the bee thought different and left Cameron with a stinger in the lip. Rosie had to pull the stinger and sac out after a fair amount of venom had been pumped. Poor Cameron had a big puffy lip and started to swell in his cheek, but an hour or two later he was as good as new.

We had kept the best of the crabs for dinner. Ben cooked up the Crabs while I BBQ’d the marinated Orange Rosemary Chicken. I think I got the good duty. After I ate my dinner, I headed over to Canoe Cove to pick up Dennis. I had a serious case of camera regret as I crossed the Colburne Passage to Canoe Cove. The sunset was amazing, but who will ever know?




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