Piers Island: Tuesday

4 08 2004

Queen of VictoriaThis morning after a late night of a photo gallery install on the website, I was a bit groggy. The internal alarm came a bit too early for my liking, but the french toast and eggs made up for it.

For the first time of our northwest trip the sun was not shining. I had always thought that it was rainy up here, but had been fooled so far. Since it was a bit overcast we decided that it would be a great day to finish the project. Dennis, Ben, AllisonDennis, Ben, Allison and I went over to the Sidney to grocery shop and get the 25 bags of concrete that we expected to use. The pickup was a piece of cake, but the logistics of getting it to the dock, onto the Apex and over to Piers was a bit a stretch, but we managed. 3 trips later, and all the bodies, groceries and concrete were docked.

By the time I arrived, much had gone up the ramp and up to the house. Each bag weighs 55 lbs., and its a hundred yards or so to the house, but the rub is that it was low tide. That meant the ramp had a fair amount of slope. We figured 3 bags was about as good as we could manage. We were right because the three of us were all but done but the time we got all the bags to the business end of their journey.

Finally all the pieces were there for the project puzzle. We did a bit more grating, double checked the slopes, and stared up the MixerMixer. Now, there are a lot of beautiful things on this Island, but none are so admired as that mixer was to the 3 of us. Ben did all the dirty work and Dennis and I moved the mud. At least none of us were mixing. It was nip and tuck for a while weather or not we were going to have enough but in the end we had a couple extra bags. Once we had it roughed in we ate some lunch and let it set for a while. After lunch Ben cut the joints, and then went and cleaned himself up. Dennis waited a bit longer and gave it a good brushing before giving it the final edging. Voila, a path. All that’s left is to pull the form, backfill and clean up.

After we all got clean and relaxed a bit, the family sans Sarah and I went on a “rain” walk through the interior of the Island. Sarah watched a video and I sat and hacked. Dinner was left over Pork with cheese toast and salad, and as I type the dishes are done and all are getting after their favorite activity. Ben is playing with Cameron and Sarah, Dennis is playing solitaire, Allison is reading, Rosie is quilting, and I’m blogging. All of this with a view that I’d put up against anyone’s. Hold on. I have to get a picture right now! Here ya go.




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