Piers Island: Monday – Day 3

4 08 2004

Once again, morning light, sea breeze and the sound of waves woke me. I wandered downstairs to grab some Cinnamon Life and peaches before we headed off to do a circumnavigatory Piers Island walk. The walk was a fun first look at our little island. It was amazing to see the dense forest interior and “street” approaches of the various houses.

When we returned I stared a documentation of the tide change, and an overall frenzy of digital photography interspersed with blogging. We all chilled out at the house and many napped. Ben, Sarah and I went for a boat ride strait out from the house to the island across the channel. The island turned into two islands: Portland Island and Brackman Island. We headed into what looked like a bay, but as we came around we saw that it was a passage, so naturally we went through out the other side and headed home. What we later found out was that Portland Island is a Marine Nature Preserve, which would explain all the hikers and beach combers. We headed back with a short detour to get some shots of a sailboat. Lunch was leftover pork loin sandwiches.

In the afternoon we started the project. In response to the graciousness of our hosts we offered to try and do some project here at the Sag. We were taken up on our offer and the idea was that some of the gravel paths here would be nicer if they were concreted in. So we picked a spot, and talked it over with the head honchos and got started. Our neighbor here at the Sag, Fred Thompson, has a bunch of tools and a cement mixer (tomorrow’s favorite tool), so we gathered up a shovel and some picks and started digging. We cleared to dirt from the walkway and set a form board. I think Fred was a bit concerned about the quality of work at first, but once he saw our concrete prowess he let us run with it. Thanks Fred for all the help, tools and support. With out him none of the work would have gotten done, especially after we calculated that we would need 25-50 lb bags.

After the project we cleaned up, napped, relaxed and played like usual. Ben and Sarah got into the hot tub and I continued the blogging intermingled with picture taking. Dinner was a Ben and Clark special, Quesadillas. The evening consisted of stories, quilting, more reading, and a game of Hearts.




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