3 08 2004

Piers HouseI woke up to the morning sun shining through my sliding glass door. It was a bit warm in the house the previous evening, after it being shut up before we arrived, so I was wishing I had brought a sleeping bag for deck sleeping to go with my pillow and pad that I had drug along. After a night in the sea side room bed, I put any thoughts of sleeping out away. I had left the sliding glass door open all night and was put to sleep by the sea breeze and sound of the waves lapping at the shore just 30 (give or take a tide change) yards away. Here are some shots off of my bedroom balcony.Balcony Shot WestBalcony Shot East

We figured out the church schedule and luckily found an afternoon Sacrament Meeting in Victoria. Getting from the Sag to the main island, with all the troops, is an hour of transfer via the Apex T-13, so its no small feat, but it sure is fun. We were also attempting the to navigate at low tide so we were extra cautious in the boat.Cameron

I tracked down a singles ward in Victoria and went there for church while the rest of the crew packed tight in the Trailblazer for the return home for church. I got caught in some serious Route 17 traffic on the way back to Canoe Cove where I was scheduled to meet Ben and the Apex. Traffic finally broke, I called Ben for a pickup, and I was able to drive the speed limit for a few of the Ks back to the A dock.

When Ben and I returned Sunday dinner prep was well under way. We had marinated Pork Loin (which made the trip in the overhead luggage, among various other spots, as a frozen cardboard box). The meal was fantastic as usual. The only picture of the whole day was a winner! Go Cameron! Bed time came early after a round of Farkel and some tunes.




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