Touching the Void

6 04 2004

Touching The VoidTeesh (Letisha) and I went to see Touching the Void on Saturday night. I’ve read the book, so I know the story, and was very impressed. So many times I’ve been disappointed by the movie after a great book. More on that later, but for now let’s just say great movie. If you are unfamiliar with the story, get acquainted. Read the book and see the movie. I actually think that the movie really gives an amazing perspective into what these climbers accomplished and gives a greater scope to the tragedy and emphasizes the amazing survival account. If you are not familiar with alpine mountaineering, or similarly extreme mountain areas, you just can’t imagine the scope. I know I was amazed by immensity of the mountain and glacier. The movie was filmed mostly on location at Siula Grande. With a skeleton crew, who I will add, deserve serious props. hat the use of “dramatic documentary” was a nice way to portray the story. I found it much more real than the media whore Hollywood style where the story is bastardized with a love story I’m not sure how I feel about the use of the actors for the “dramatic reenactment”, having only seen one serious attempt at this style the verdict is still out. My quandary there is the actors besides having similar hair color, don’t look like the real characters, who are shown during the interview sections immediately juxtaposed to the actors. On the other hand these actors were pretty amorphous, with out distinguishing features, and weren’t too dramatic overall. Would more realistic looking actors make the DR part better or worse? I still thought the movie worth seeing even at full price, which for me these days is a big deal. All in all a fantastic story and a well made movie. The achievement of the summit was overshadowed by the accident, the ethical question of partnership in extreme sports, and the survival story. Remember that they did summit and Simon went above and beyond in even trying to help Joe. Had he followed the “mountaineer’s code”from the start the story would be extremely different. The route, from which Simon and Joe reached the summit, has never since been successfully climbed.




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