So I’m reading this book by my favorite modern author…

23 03 2004

QuicksilverThe guy’s name is Neal Stephenson. The book is Quicksilver. It’s what I concider brain candy, i.e. a non “classic” novel. It ‘s good, don’t get me wrong, and has consumed my free time like a good book should. He writes somewhat techy stuff, though this is historical fiction about England, Europe and America during the time of Sir Isaac Newton. His stuff is always funny and worth looking into. The reason I mention it is due to a fantastic quote in the book. A character has just been told that the King of England has died and been replaced by his successor. The author relates the thoughts of Daniel Waterhouse.

“The upright, conservative arch-Anglican had been replaced with a florid Papist, but nothing was really different – which taught Daniel that the world was full of powerful men but as long as they played the same roles, they were as interchangeable as second rate players speaking the same lines in the same theater on different nights.”




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1 04 2004

yoyo, clarkie. does this comment thingie work? let’s find out.
have you finished Quicksilver yet? I haven’t read it but am interested to hear your opinion. It hasn’t had the best reviews and it would be tough to top Cryptonomicon. I believe the next two volumes of the cycle come out this year.

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