A fabulous waste of time!

7 03 2004

Life EWhere would we be without Al Gore. I’ll tell you where we’d be. We’d be getting a lot more done at work, getting a lot less spam, and jokes wouldn’t come as FWD FWD FWD. Thanks to Al we have the Internet. “It comes on computers these days!” The latest intriguing site that has come to my attention is a brand and company logo recognition test based on the alphabet. Check it here! There are 4 such tests that were told to me to be increasingly more difficult. Don’t ask me for the answers because my closet dwelling has diminished my ability to recognize the commonplace. You can find answers for the first 3 sets of alpha-logos on the site. If you want the answers to the most recent set, the creator of this brain twister, Joey Katzen, offers hints and answers for sale. Check it out, unless you have some work to do.




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